Family seeks justice for son allegedly killed by cop

Family seeks justice for son allegedly killed by cop

A mother and father who mourn the loss of their 20-year-old son, Philip Cleare Jr., told Eyewitness News Thursday that they are still waiting for justice to be served 21 months after their son was allegedly struck and killed by an off-duty police officer.

“The officer is still working right now today. From the day of the accident to this day he is still working,” said Philip Cleare, Sr.

Not only does the victim’s parents suggest that the officer in question was never penalized nor brought before the court for the tragic accident, but they also alleged officers failed to carry out proper investigations at the scene of the accident as well.

“This is one big cover-up,” exclaimed Cleare.

“Two o’clock the morning after the accident I observed traffic officers spraying the road, but the road was never blocked off, the scene was never cordoned off right after the accident nor the next day while I watched.”

Adding insult to injury, the victim’s parents claim officers who head the traffic division were insensitive when they met 24 hours after the accident.

“The meeting started good and the officer in charge of the traffic department opened with a prayer. It started very positive and as it progressed I said, ‘officer, you’re an officer and he (the perpetrator) is an officer, how do I know that we will get justice?’” shared Tanya Reckley.

“He replied, ‘it was only an accident.’”

“We ended the meeting right away.

Since then, the victim’s mother said she’s had to run behind traffic cops for answers.

“We’ve been doing the calling and no one has reached out to us since this has happened,” she cried.

“Persons have gone to court for the same time of incidents we just want to know when are we going to get our date?

“We just want justice.”

Officials from the road traffic department told Eyewitness News Thursday that the matter is sensitive in nature and has been turned over to the coroner’s court for determination.