Dr. Ferguson: 10 to 20 cases of ‘fake dentists’ reported

Dr. Ferguson: 10 to 20 cases of ‘fake dentists’ reported

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – After a Jamaican national was charged in court last week with falsely operating as an orthodontist, Dr. Sparkman Ferguson, head of The Bahamas Dental Council Registrar revealed that at present, some 10 to 20 cases of fake dentists operating in The Bahamas have been reported.

“Although some of them are foreigners [the] majority are Bahamians,” Dr. Ferguson told Eyewitness News on Tuesday. “They are untrained, unregistered and unfit.”

Dr. Ferguson said these persons who are performing fraudulent actions are taking resources, in small quantities, from licensed dentists.

He said patients have reached out to him with concerns and to rectify botched procedures, after having their braces done for very little by an unlicensed person.  The Dental Council registrar said that steps have been taken by law enforcement, along with the Ministry of Health, to address this issue.

Dr. Ferguson said he believes that fake dentistry is a popular practice that some are taking advantage of because of the existing state of the economy. He said some persons operating as fake dentists are also interested in finding quick and easy ways to make money.

Dr. Ferguson said he believes that dental procedures are being learnt on YouTube, and after watching these videos, persons have become confident that they are capable of operating professionally.

But yesterday, Dr. Ferguson warned fake dentists that what they are doing is an offense that that punishable by law.

According to Dr. Ferguson, Bahamians should be more vigilant and he noted that any dentistry work that is done in a home or a health spa is most likely being done by someone who is not licensed.