Downtown Nassau set for ‘revitalization’


The Downtown Nassau Partnership’s plan for the revitalization of the nation’s capital was unveiled during a press conference held at the British Colonial Hilton yesterday.

The unveiling was led by Minister of Tourism, Dionisio D’Aguliar, Minister of Transport, Frankie Campbell, and the partnership’s Managing Director, Ed Fields.

The proposed layout includes an electric shuttle system, which will be powered buses to transport employees and others downtown that otherwise would take a jitney or drive.

The Ministry of Transport will also have a part to play in eradicating bottlenecks in the Chippingham, Fish Fry, and the Hilton British Colonial area by introducing round-a-bouts, turning lanes, and restricted turning direction from side streets.

The new changes are in an effort to alleviate traffic, and to cut down on congestion.

Fields acknowledged during the press conference, the ongoing concerns of the vacant, dilapidated buildings sitting east of Bay Street.

Field said those buildings will be turned into a living component of high-rise homes, free parking space lots as well as bragged that a big part of the partnership’s agenda will be a 12-foot-wide boardwalk, which will traverse properties owned by public and private stakeholders between East Street and the Sir Sydney Poitier Bridge.

Fields also explained that further plans for the project will also include the creation of more pleasant and functional environments for concerts, festivals and exhibitions.

He said he would commit to a date but he says persons can expect to see a complete product in the next two  years.