Coalition knocks GB Power model

Coalition knocks GB Power model
Eddie Victor, Coalition of Concerned Citizens

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A Grand Bahama activist said yesterday that the island’s economy can not bear an electricity rate increase at this time.

Pastor Eddie Victor, president of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCC), told Eyewitness News Grand Bahama Power Company’s (GBPC) business model was not right for the island.

“We are totally against any increase in any form to the customers in Grand Bahama,” Victor said.

“We do not think the economy can bear it at this time. We believe it is the wrong time and is something that should be deferred. I know they are going by standard practice and with approval from the Grand Bahama Port Authority. I’m told that this is how it is done in in other jurisdictions.”

“We don’t feel that by the power company is right for this island. People are still recovering from Hurricane Dorian.

He continued: “We have NGOs and other organizations that have helped us in Grand Bahama and done a phenomenal job. There has been no reduction in the cost of electricity outside of oil prices dropping a few years ago which led them to drop the fuel surcharge. We do feel that if we have a lower cost of electricity it can really help the economy.

The Grand Bahama Power Company recently announced the introduction of a Dorian restoration charge to all Grand Bahama residents’ electricity bills beginning next month.

The charge will aid the company in recovering $15.6 million worth of post-Dorian infrastructure repairs. According to the company, the Storm Recovery and Stabilisation Charge will only increase consumer bills by an average one cent ($0.01) per kilowatt hour.