Gov. to relaunch education loans

Treasury still $100M in the hole Government is working steadfastly toward a September goal-post to relaunch the stalled education loan program, the country’s top education official said Tuesday, even as the public purse remains $100 million short in unpaid student loans. Minister of Education Jeffery Lloyd told Eyewitness News Online that the government is aggressively […]

Shanty towns must go

In a quest to uphold what his colleague minister previously stated, Labour Minister Senator Dion Foulkes said on Sunday that the government will demolish all unregulated shanty towns in due course. Minister Foulkes led a delegation this past weekend to Abaco to get a first-hand assessment of the Mudd along with other shanty towns on […]

PLP left $3 million BAIC bill, says Chairman

Financial woes persist at the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation (BAIC), according to Executive Chairman Michael Foulkes, who detailed in Parliament, among other things, that the corporation’s bills left by the former administration are in excess of $3 million, including $1 million owed to the National Insurance Board (NIB). “BAIC is in absolutely dire financial […]

Minister shocked over marital stories, defends women

“Women are not property,” charged Minister of State for Legal Affairs Elsworth Johnson, as he gave his contribution to the mid-year budget in Parliament Tuesday. The government is currently looking to amend the Sexual Offenses Act to provide for aggravated spousal sexual abuse or marital rape. Johnson told parliamentarians that consultation on the controversial issue […]

MOE lets 200 contracted workers go

Two-hundred of the more than 600 contracted workers within the Ministry of Education have been disengaged. Education Minister Jeff Lloyd made the announcement in Parliament Monday afternoon. The issue surrounding the contracted workers became a highly controversial topic during last year’s budget debate, when Lloyd revealed that the workers were engaged with no paperwork and […]

Rolle: NIB a mess

Minister with responsibility of the National Insurance Board (NIB) Brensil Rolle, described the quasi-government social security operation as essentially a mess, pointing to a myriad of challenges he met in place since assuming the office in May. Rolle said as the national fund continues to decrease annually, the Board has regressed with “all types of […]

Academic scholarships to be streamlined

Lloyd applauds former minister on loan collections   Students applying for government scholarships for programmes offered at the University of The Bahamas, will not be granted scholarship to study that same program abroad, declared Education Minister Jeff Lloyd. Lloyd said during the mid-year budget debate, that 4,000 students apply for grants and scholarships every year […]