Bannister defends Davis

In a rare showcase of defense from across the lower chamber, Minster of Works Desmond Bannister said during his contribution to the mid-year budget Monday, he did not believe Opposition Leader Phillip Brave Davis greenlighted the Gladstone Road Waste Water Treatment Plant (GRWWTP) project. The project left the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) with a […]

Henfield breaks his silence

While a handful of Bahamian activists have taken the lead in protesting a number of controversial issues currently plaguing government, many have questioned why vocal We March Bahamas activist turned Senator, Raynard Henfield, has chosen to remain silent. That question was answered via a six-paragraph statement published on Henfield’s personal Facebook page Sunday. Henfield confirmed […]

We outnumber y’all

A mob of public school teachers rallied alongside union President Belinda Wilson outside the Bahamas Union Teacher’s (BUT) headquarters Wednesday morning, demanding respect for what the teachers say are their constitutional rights. “We out number Y’all,” were the words Wilson shouted to over 200 teachers while standing atop the hood of a car. She said […]

PLP demands proof of duplicate HOA

Opposition expresses concern of political witch hunt Opposition Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis yesterday called on the Minnis administration to produce the duplicate OBAN Energies Heads of Agreement, bearing the actual signature of the company’s non-executive chairman, Peter Krieger. The request comes after it was discovered that Kreiger forged the signature of OBAN Energies President Satpal […]

Stephen Dillet teachers petition for principal’s removal

Teachers at the Stephen Dillet Primary school are calling for the immediate removal of their principal, Mrs. Phyllis Johnson accusing her of being disrespectful, ignoring their concerns and setting their students up for failure. “Morale is very low at the school,” said Belinda Wilson, president of the Bahamas Union of Teachers. “ The teachers feel […]

McAlpline chastises government for ‘wasting time’

Before the governing Free National Movement party won the vote of confidence in House Speaker, Halson Moultrie, yesterday, Pineridge MP, Frederick McAlpine chastised the government for wasting time. He said, while the Bahamian people were upset with the Opposition, they are even more disappointed in the current administration. He urged his parliamentary colleagues to be […]

PLP demands House Speaker’s resignation

Suspended Progressive Liberal Party Members of Parliament and other party officials and  supporters  took “Parliament to the street” Thursday evening in the Nassau Village constituency represented by House Speaker, Halson Moutlrie, calling for the speaker to resign. Ragged Island MP, Chester Cooper, South and Central Andros MP, Picewell Forbes, and Party Leader Cat Island Rum […]