Marijuana proponents rally for legalization 

Local advocacy group, Marijuana Bahamas, is lobbying for the government to seriously consider the medical and economic gains of marijuana. The plant’s international market value has grown exponentially in the past decade and is expected to reach a sales revenue of $50 billion by 2020. Founder of Marijuana Bahamas, Renauldo Cartwright, continues to tout the […]

Davis: Dead mother a part of govt. ‘witch hunt’ in HOA

Water and Sewerage Corporation Chairman Adrian Gibson said he felt “uneasy” about the way the audit into the corporation’s financial affairs was conducted and how it became a personal matter for Opposition Leader and Member of Parliament for Cat Island Phillip Davis. Addressing parliamentarians in the house of assembly this morning – while not directly […]

Brutal beating of endangered species lands 3 in police custody

Three persons were taken into custody in connection with the brutal killing of an endangered sea turtle yesterday.  The 41-second video of the brutal slaying went viral on social media Tuesday which showed a man allegedly beating the turtle in the head with a hammer while the animal thrashed around trying to escape the blows. Police arrested two […]

‘Sweet hearting’ tackled in sister bill

Christian Council proposes Sanctity of Marriage Bill preserves, protects marriage  The Bahamas Christian Council, in a press conference yesterday, proposed a Sanctity of Marriage Bill to coincide with the government’s own Sexual Offences Bill, stating that the former will ‘preserve and protect’ marriages in the country. Bishop Delton Fernander, the council’s president said, the group […]

PLP demands proof of duplicate HOA

Opposition expresses concern of political witch hunt Opposition Leader Philip ‘Brave’ Davis yesterday called on the Minnis administration to produce the duplicate OBAN Energies Heads of Agreement, bearing the actual signature of the company’s non-executive chairman, Peter Krieger. The request comes after it was discovered that Kreiger forged the signature of OBAN Energies President Satpal […]