Symonette touts better response time for citizenship applications

Immigration Minister Brent Symonette declared Thursday night that the long wait for a response on citizenship applications from the Department of Immigration is over. His declaration came at the 24th annual International Crusade of the League of Haitian Pastors held last evening at the Church of God Auditorium on Joe Farrington Road. “I appreciate that […]

Govt. passes ‘spy bill’

Members of parliament Wednesday afternoon passed the Interception of Communications Bill (ICB) 2017. The controversial ‘spy bill’s’ approval however, was not met without concerns expressed by opposition members about notable changes to the bill before it was passed. Among concerns levied was the inclusion of a yet-to-be passed legislation for a National Intelligence Agency. Leader […]

“I have earned the right to be here,” says Pinder

Veteran unionist John Pinder Wednesday defended his recent appointment as Director of Labour, telling reporters he deserves his post. When asked if he was given the appointment because he openly supported the Free National Movement (FNM)  in the last election, Pinder said, he did “what was right” and does not regret his decision. “I believe I have earned the right […]

‘Crime down’ reports doesn’t sit well with residents

While crime has reportedly decreased by more than 20 per cent over the last year, residents in “high crime” areas say they feel much differently about the statistics. Residents of Pinewood and Nassau Village told Eyewitness News yesterday they “don’t feel safe” in their homes, despite the low crime statistics recently reported by police. When […]