Chicken farm mystery

An estimated 500 chickens were stolen from the Poultry Outlets and Farms facility Sunday evening, the second robbery within a three-month span, the owners of the organic farmland said. “We’ve filed numerous reports before and we haven’t seen anything come from them,” Carey-Ann Poitier, one of the company’s farmers, said in an exclusive interview with […]

Put talk of ‘Spy Bill’ to perpetual rest, says national security chief

National Secuitry Minister Marvin Dames called the Interception of Communications Bill 2017 a comprehensive contemporary law to fight “sophisticated technologically savvy criminals and dismantle their criminal networks”. He said it is not a spy bill. “From the outset, let me dispel this ridiculousness of the Interception of Communications Bill being referred to as a ‘spy […]

Bahamas Petroleum applies for offshore drilling rights

Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC) has lodged an application for ‘environmental authorisation’ with the government of The Bahamas for offshore drilling rights, which represents the first step in commencing offshore field activity, according to the company. In a statement Thurday, the company said, an application for environmental authorisation has been submitted in the prescribed form, as […]

Correctional officers promoted

Two principal corrections officers and 101 corrections corporals were recently promoted in a brief ceremony at the Bahamas Department of Corrections. Commissioner of Corrections Patrick Wright encourages the officers to continue to strive for excellence and remain positive while executing their duties. “Each of you has completed your duties as a correctional officer, and satisfied […]

PM outlines ‘Over-the-Hill’ White Paper

Persons interested in opening businesses ‘Over-the-Hill’ will be eligible for a variety of tax breaks including exemption from customs duties, real property and stamp taxes as well as a business license fee waiver, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis. While tabling the White Paper for the Over-the-Hill Community Development Partnership Initiative in the House […]

Can FOI co-exist with present legislation, trade unionist ask

Leaders of trade unions directly impacted by the Freedom Information Act (FOIA) voiced passionately their concerns Wednesday about how the new piece of legislation will co-exist with older laws, namely the Secrecy Act, the Public Service Commission Regulations and General Orders of the Public Service. The unions concerns were addressed during an implementation forum at […]