We are not the enemy

By Frederick RM Smith QC The presentation by Rights Bahamas (RB) and Robert F Kennedy Human Rights to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (Commission) in Jamaica on May 12 was unfortunately not reported in context by the local media except for The Tribune, the only organisation that bothered to send a journalist to this […]

Biased and uninformed

Dear Editor, I write in response to “Dangerous and reckless”, a recent OP-ED the gist of which was that during the May 10 hearing before Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, non-profit Rights Bahamas painted a wildly inaccurate picture of how migrants are treated in this country. Without seeking to discourage a fellow journalist, I’d like […]

An urgent, sacred mandate for the preservation of our Bahamaland & Mother Earth

My people, we are called to be the environmental consciousness pioneers, at this critical juncture of Earth’s dramatic agony, caused by our human species. Our mission is sacred; the indomitable laws of nature require us to preserve the sanctity of her breast, her bosom and her precious womb. We all come forth from her loins, yet she has entrusted […]

2019 High School National Basketball Championships officially launched

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Initial plans for the 2019 High School National Basketball Championships were announced yesterday by senior education officer in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Evon Wisdom. The fourth edition of the championships kicked off on March 27 at both the St. George’s and Jack Hayward Gymnasiums. “It is through our alliance with […]

Minister Campbell should know and do better

The following is a statement by Stephanie N. Lightbourne, President of the Women’s Alliance, Democratic National Alliance (DNA).   The recent insensitive comments by the Minister of Social Services, Frankie Campbell sparked significant outrage among Bahamian citizens, residents and international observers. While many had looked forward to his tenure as the first male to have […]