The National Interest: What Does or Should It Mean to Bahamians?

Definitions of “national interest” appear to be as numerous and varied as grains of sand on a beach. In the fast-paced, heavily contested, climate, terrorist, arms-race, greed-challenged 21st century, the “national interest” is a political and personal football that is being kicked about to the point of irreversible deflation. In the national interest game, the […]

Time to heal our healthcare facilities

I read recently with delight that the Bahamas’ Public Hospitals Board (PHB) had invited the renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), a formidable name in health care, to explore the possibility of partnership, which would bring to bear JHM’s “wherewithal, experience, talent and resources to elevate the operations, infrastructure and environment of the public hospital institutions […]

We Don’t Need Wild West Cowboys: We need a national posse armed to corral peace and prosperity

In The Bahamas, for the first time since the global financial meltdown of 2008, we are beginning to see the first buds of real forward movement in development programmes, particularly in areas where it has been lacking in crucial areas of our economy and society. None but the most giddily optimistic could have said that […]

Changing the Current

Evolution, transition, conversion, transformation, revision, alteration, adaptation, modification—all these are words that speak of change—changing from one situation, form, state, system, method to another. We do so by an infinite variety of ways—making new laws, amending existing ones, effecting a revolution in mindset for the most part. If we break it down to bare bones, […]

A standard above the rest: What are we doing about accountability

Just last week Japanese Olympics minister, Yoshitaka Sakurada, was forced to apologize for being three minutes late to a parliamentary meeting. According to news sources, the minister’s lateness was not well received by his colleague ministers, who considered the act “disrespectful.” While Sakurada is no stranger to controversy, the public nature of what seems to […]

Road to Failed Statehood and How to Steer Clear of That Perilous Route

Failed state—Lately, this has been a widely held view of the Republic of Haiti, whether overtly expressed or slightly sugar-coated to mitigate the harshness of the bitter pill. I had long been mourning the ever-increasing decompensation of our sister state, but on 12 January 2010, I wept openly. I wept again at the devastation of […]

Let’s stop ‘Paving Paradise’ at the expense of Heritage Assets

If history, heritage and culture are food for the nourishment of the intellect and definition of identity, I would say that these assets of The Bahamas are suffering grave malnutrition. This essay is intended to be a call for a capital campaign to preserve, enhance and bring to deserving prominence a treasure of Bahamian heritage—The […]

Who Is Moving Our Conch?

Change is both the generous benefactor and the implacable tyrant of the 21st century, enthroned by the technological revolution that took an unshakeable hold in the 1980s and has infiltrated every aspect of our personal lives, whether we have given permission or not. The burning question every country, every people, every enterprise and individual must […]

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