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Gov’t Ready For Legal Fight, But Can It Win?

BY ROGAN SMITH The government is in for a serious legal fight with Rights Bahamas as it seeks to rid... read more »

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Police Probes: Where Are The Updates & Why Taking So Long?

BY ROGAN SMITH A surefire way to get people to stop talking about police shootings, claims of brutality or anything... read more »

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Taxi Union’s Threats Are Dangerous & Highlight Need For More Travel Options

By Rogan Smith The holiday season is upon us. You know that means. Here come the union threats. For years,... read more »

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Haitian diplomat’s comments completely inappropriate

BY ROGAN SMITH Haitian Chargé d’ Affaires Dorval Darlier is completely out of order. There’s no other way to put... read more »

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Govt. right to ignore UN request

BY ROGAN SMITH The United Nations has some nerve. Last week, the Office of the UN’s High Commissioner for Human... read more »

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Chipman Is Out. Going It Alone Comes With Perks And Drawbacks

BY ROGAN SMITH I don’t think anyone was shocked by Centreville MP, Reece Chipman’s resignation from the Free National Movement... read more »


How would you rate the government’s handling of Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts?

  • Poor (50%)
  • Average (21%)
  • Fair (16%)
  • Good (11%)
  • Excellent (2%)
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A State Of Lawlessness & A Culture Of Disobedience

BY ROGAN SMITH We truly are a slack nation. There’s really no other way to put it. Drive around the... read more »

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PM Can’t Be All Talk Following UN Speech

BY ROGAN SMITH In life, it’s not enough to just say the right thing. You must also do the right... read more »

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Time To Strike Oil . . . Off Our List

By Rogan Smith If we’ve never listened to environmentalists before, I think we need to listen to them now because,... read more »

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A State Of Emergency: Ignore At Your Own Risk

By Rogan Smith I don’t know about you, but I love horror movies. Absolutely love ‘em. The thing about horror... read more »

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Don’t Discriminate Against Haitians

Activist Dispels Rumours Haitians Being Arrested BY ROGAN SMITH Haitians from Marsh Harbour, Abaco and Grand Bahama are now faced... read more »

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DEVASTATED: We Have Been Through Hell

BY ROGAN SMITH To say Bahamians have experienced absolute hell these past few days would be the understatement of the... read more »

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Doctors’ Ransom Demands Unreasonable

BY ROGAN SMITH NASSAU, BAHAMAS- The strike is over and the doctors have returned to work. Good. Now, they can... read more »

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Why Sugary Drink Ban Will Do Little To Curb Obesity

The decision to ban sugary drinks in our public schools is a step in the right direction, but sadly that... read more »

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The BPL Crisis: The Truth, The Whole Truth & Nothing But The Truth

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like people telling me what I want to hear. I like to... read more »

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Bahamas Power & No Light: Relief On The Way, But For How Long?

By Rogan Smith If ever we needed a reminder that The Bahamas is a developing country, we got it this... read more »


Countdown to Christmas 2019

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Minding the Gap: A Hope for Sustainable Development in The Bahamas

To avoid mishaps, the London Underground has long provided “Mind the Gap” visual and auditory warnings to passengers to be... read more »

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The National Interest: What Does or Should It Mean to Bahamians?

Definitions of “national interest” appear to be as numerous and varied as grains of sand on a beach. In the... read more »

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Time to heal our healthcare facilities

I read recently with delight that the Bahamas’ Public Hospitals Board (PHB) had invited the renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM),... read more »

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Applying the wisdom of farmers to grow a stronger economy, homeland

My family on both sides were out island people—Long Island, Eleuthera and Cat Island. The island I got to know... read more »