BTC & BCPOU sign heads of agreement

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – BTC officially announced on Tuesday that the company has signed a Heads of Agreement with the leadership... read more »


Some gaming houses have outstanding taxes, says Turnquest

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest said yesterday that there is still a number of... read more »


Rupert Roberts: WTO will not benefit local businesses

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – As the Government continues negotiations into the country’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), a local... read more »


URCA’s town hall meeting promises open conversations with the public

NASSAU, BAHAMAS –Shared discussions on utility structure, consumer impact and alternative energy solutions are amongst a few of the initiatives... read more »


Construction Sector activity review underway

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – It may be too early to predict a slowdown in the construction sector, with the head of... read more »


Laing talks WTO with BCA

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – As the country continues to ready itself for accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), government’s chief... read more »


Should The Bahamas independently review any vaccine approved by PAHO for wide distribution?

  • Yes (72%)
  • No (24%)
  • Unsure (4%)
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Govt.’s 2018/2019 budget guided by stringent fiscal requirements

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Acting Prime Minister Peter Turnquest said the Government’s 2018/19 Budget was a watershed budget, as it was... read more »


DPM: Moody’s deficit assessment “reasonable and responsible”

Moody’s projects 2-2.5% deficit for 2018/2019; govt. targets 1.8%   NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance... read more »


DPM: “No End to OECD/EU demands”

The Bahamas will remain a “clean and compliant” jurisdiction regardless of how many times the nation is blacklisted, Deputy Prime... read more »


Up to $300k in penalties with stricter guidelines under Substance Requirements Act

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The government is ready to crack the whip on non-compliant companies with the release of more stringent... read more »


Minnis administration making strides in energy sector reform

Public schools and buildings in New Providence will be outfitted with energy-efficient retrofits and solar PV installations as part of... read more »


Butterfield Bank restructuring will not affect Bahamas Trust office

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Butterfield Trust Bahamas is assuring that any cost-cutting measures in line with its group internationally will not... read more »


Scotiabank assures of its commitment to The Bahamas

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Scotiabank has been operating in the Caribbean for more than 129 years, and in The Bahamas since... read more »


Crypto space regulations on the way

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Much needed regulations guiding the growth of financial technology in The Bahamas may be on the way,... read more »


Bahamas’ credit outlook improves

DPM: Moodys ‘Stable’ outlook reflects nation in strong position   NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A move by credit ratings agency Moody’s... read more »


Financial services sector rebranded as “Clear Choice” for wealth management

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Bahamas Financial Services Board chief yesterday announced “Clear Choice” as the new brand for the financial... read more »