BREA looking to ‘freshen up’ Real Estate Act

BREA looking to ‘freshen up’ Real Estate Act
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NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) is lobbying for amendments to ‘freshen up’ the Real Estate Act.

BREA president Christine Wallace-Whitfield said the organization’s 2020 mandate is to raise its public profile, and update the Act on par with other legislative developments.

Wallace-Whitfield said: “The goal for 2020 is to basically continue to increase the awareness and making sure that when the consumers want to buy property that they are dealing with a licensed BREA member. We are trying to offer more educational courses for our members. Education is a key and the more our members know, the more they can an offer clients.”

She continued: “We care working on our real estate act. It’s an older act. We’re trying to freshen it up and bring it to current status. Things have changed, new laws have come in and we want to be on par with the country.”

Wallace-Whitfield said 2019 was a fairly good year for the local real estate market notwithstanding the devastation by Hurricane Dorian.

“I think the market was ok even though we went through a natural disaster,” she added.

“I think in areas like New Providence and Paradise Island it was ok. Before Hurricane Dorian even Abaco was doing fairly well. We will rebuild and we are here for Abaco and Grand Bahama. We will get through this and get back to normalcy and be even better.