BGOA takes responsible gaming campaign to GB

BGOA takes responsible gaming campaign to GB
Bahamas Gaming Operators Association President, Gershan Major.

FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA – The Bahamas Gaming Operators Association (BGOA) made its way to Grand Bahama on Thursday as it continues to roll out its aggressive public awareness campaign to promote responsible gaming habits.

The executive arm of BGOA is on Grand Bahama for a one-night symposium to be held on Friday.

Grand Bahama is the second Family Island to host the association’s responsible gaming symposium.

Gershon Major, President, BGOA said the ongoing educational campaign is an effort aimed at promoting public education about the gaming industry while highlighting various initiatives geared toward responsible gaming to prevent over-spending and addiction.

“It’s about making sure that persons understand that this is a form of entertainment and they should do so responsibly,” Major said.

“Just how you budget for a movie or a dinner, we want you to budget for your gaming.

“We also recognize that there are persons at risk as well and that they need help, so, we have a safety net that we have created with our partnership with Sandilands that allows for that help to be provided.”

Major asserted that the public education campaign, which began in New Providence and eventually mushroomed to include Family Islands, has been well received to date.

He said the national conversation on gaming has matured and looks forward to furthering progress for the sector.

“I think before now we have allowed others to tell our story and we are now telling the story with the facts based on empirical data and we are changing the conversation,” he opined.

“Persons are listening. They may not always agree with the position but at least they are now willing to sit down and have a dialogue; before that was not the case.”

Abaco is the next stop for the BGOA public awareness campaign, Major confirmed.