BBFF athletes put on winning performances in Quebec

BBFF athletes put on winning performances in Quebec
Paul Wilson (left) and Giovanni Stuart (right) finished second and third in men’s bodybuilding.(Photo courtesy of the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation)

Several members of the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (BBFF) came away with hardware over the weekend at the International Events Qualifier in Laval, Quebec.

Paul Wilson finished second in the men’s bodybuilding division, while Giovanni Farrington took third in that category.

“The competition went well, in terms of getting everyone here and prepped,” said Wilson.

“I honestly thought that this would have been the time to win my pro card, but the judges saw one point that separated me from my other competitor, who actually got his pro card. So, it was upsetting, but at the same time I got the right critiques from the judges on what I need to work on.

“This was my best performance, especially noting that I competed in nationals just last weekend.”

In the combined height men’s physique category, Tarran Knowles was second while Gemo Smith was fourth. Smith also took second in the men’s masters division.

“I [would] just like to thank all of our supporters that helped us get here,” said Smith.

“At the end of the day, the competition was pretty stiff in the physique category, so, I didn’t do as well as I expected to do.

“I came here looking for a pro card in the male physique, but things didn’t go as planned. But speaking to the judges after the competition, I got some good critiques and can now pinpoint some of the areas that I need to improve.”

BBFF executive Nardo Dean said, although the team returned without a pro card, he’s pleased with the performance.

“Things went very well,” noted Dean.

“We knew what we were up against, but we knew we were prepared for it. The only thing that put a bit of a damper on things was the fact that they combined some of the categories in both physique and bodybuilding, which can create an un-leveled playing field in terms of judging body types and dimensions.

“All in all, the team fought hard to represent the country and I am proud of what they brought to the table.”