Bahamian travel writer launches Digital Travel & Hospitality Expo

Bahamian travel writer launches Digital Travel & Hospitality Expo
Nikia Wells (right) interviews Valdez K Russell for her upcoming digital travel expo

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Bahamian travel writer and founder of PinkSands242 Nikia Wells will host a digital travel expo from December 1 to 5.

According to a statement, the expo will “explore how members of the local travel, tourism, and hospitality community have adapted and evolved since the start of the ongoing pandemic”.

Anthony Coakley
Cutelle Neymour

“A few short months ago, Instagram feeds were filled with rich, diverse, and colorful images of men and women traveling the world,” it read.

“Many were going on adventures to far off countries, or in the process of planning, booking and dreaming about trips to the farthest corners of the planet or to their neighboring Family Islands. But, in the wake of COVID-19, that all changed.

“From Dec 1 to 5, Bahamian travel writer Nikia Wells will host a digital expo that will explore how members of the local travel, tourism and hospitality community have adapted and evolved since the start of the ongoing pandemic.

L’Oreal Sweeting
Sandy Franks

“Many travelers and those who have worked in related fields have been facing uncharted territory since early March. The Digital Travel & Hospitality Expo will aim to discuss a wide range of topics related to domestic and international travel. Over the course of the multiple-day online forum, a diverse group of industry professionals will be featured via a 50+ page digital magazine and a series of daily video interviews and discussions.”

The expo will feature interviews with Sherrexcia “Rexy” Rolle (Western Air), Carmel Churchill (Doncar Management), Cutelle Neymour (Goombay House), Anthony “AC” Coakley (One Family), Jewel McIntosh (True Love Travel), Sandy Franks (Island Food Tours), Jonathan Hanna (Nassau Airport Development), L’Oreal Sweeting (Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board), Valdez K Russel (VKR Insights) and Leslie Vanderpool (Bahamas International Film Festival), according to the announcement.

Jonathan Hanna
Leslie Vanderpool

In addition to daily video content that will be hosted on the PinkSands242 digital platforms and website, viewers will be treated to photo and trivia contests courtesy of the digital event’s prize sponsors, which include Lowe’s Pharmacy, the Caribbean Bottling Company Bahamas Ltd., the Restaurant Supply Company and the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Ltd.

“The MOVI Group also facilitated the filming of Wells’ interview with Valdez K Russel of VKR Insights,” it read.

“While the digital expo will include 10 video features, the corresponding online magazine will share the stories of many other men and women.”

Carmel Churchill
Jewel McIntosh

Wells said: “The idea for the PinkSands242 Digital Expo started several months ago. I truly missed travel, but more importantly, I wondered how members of that community were coping, how they were adapting their businesses and services and what the future would look like for them.

“…There were just so many stories to tell, and I could not realistically film them all. I saw all of these world-class, talented chefs and mixologists and other talented professionals starting their own businesses out of necessity, and there were so many others who created something positive during such a challenging time, so I created the magazine to highlight their journeys.”