Bahamian farm output prompts import restriction on some vegetables

Bahamian farm output prompts import restriction on some vegetables

Nassau, The Bahamas – Due to the high output of Bahamian farms throughout the country, the Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources has instituted restrictions on the importation of sweet peppers or bell peppers and table tomatoes into The Bahamas.

Until further notice, imports of these foods as well as material needed to grow them will be restricted from entering the country. According to Director of Agriculture Gregory Rahming, restrictions on imports are imposed to allow Bahamian produce greater access to the retail market without the added competition of imported tomatoes and sweet peppers.

For Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources, Hon. Renward Wells, the fact that Bahamian farms have delivered to market the quantity and quality of sweet peppers and tomatoes is further proof of the idea that Bahamian farmers can meet the demands.

The next challenge, says Minister Wells, is for farmers to be able to produce these products in the quantities and at the same high quality year round. This would allow the government to consider the possibility of eliminating foreign grown tomatoes and sweet peppers altogether as a part of the push toward greater food security. Minister Wells called it a “ great victory for Bahamian farming.”

The restriction on sweet peppers and table tomatoes will remain until further notice.