Bahamas Crisis Center pledges full support of White Ribbon Day Campaign 2020

Bahamas Crisis Center pledges full support of White Ribbon Day Campaign 2020

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — In observance of White Ribbon Day, the Bahamas Crisis Center yesterday pledged its full support of Rotary Club of Nassau initiatives geared towards raising awareness of the campaign.

“Globally in 60 different countries, November 20 is being recognized as White Ribbon Day — a time when organizations comprising men and boys come together in activities aimed at ending violence against women and children,” a statement from the Crisis Center read.

“The campaign has become a symbol of hope for a world in which women and children can live their lives free from violence. The white ribbon symbolizes the idea of men giving up their arms. Wearing the white ribbon challenges the acceptability of domestic violence by getting men involved in what has traditionally been seen as a women’s issue.”

According to the Bahamas Crisis Center, the White Ribbon Day campaign “aims to raise awareness of the need to break the silence around gender-based violence and promote healthy relationships, gender equity and a compassionate view of masculinity”.

“The Crisis Centre applauds the Rotary Clubs for this initiative and pledges our full support for the campaign through our partnership,” its statement read.

“We feel strongly that the only way this issue would effectively be addressed is with the inclusion of men’s voices in naming violence against women and children as unacceptable and criminal behavior.

“We encourage everybody to wear white on Friday (November 20).”

The statement also noted that the Bahamas Crisis Centre and the Rotary Club of Nassau will present a virtual symposium under the theme “Behind Closed Doors” on November 21, 2020 via Zoom.