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Minding the Gap: A Hope for Sustainable Development in The Bahamas

To avoid mishaps, the London Underground has long provided “Mind the Gap” visual and auditory warnings to passengers to be... read more »

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The National Interest: What Does or Should It Mean to Bahamians?

Definitions of “national interest” appear to be as numerous and varied as grains of sand on a beach. In the... read more »

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Time to heal our healthcare facilities

I read recently with delight that the Bahamas’ Public Hospitals Board (PHB) had invited the renowned Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM),... read more »

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Applying the wisdom of farmers to grow a stronger economy, homeland

My family on both sides were out island people—Long Island, Eleuthera and Cat Island. The island I got to know... read more »

The Editorial

Women’s Day: Are we there yet?

I was honoured to be a guest on a new radio show on 2019’s International Women’s Day (IWD). I was... read more »

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Snakes & Ladders: Choices on the Road to Progress

Did you ever play the board game “Snakes & Ladders”? I did. What I remember best about it is feeling... read more »


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Changing the Current

Evolution, transition, conversion, transformation, revision, alteration, adaptation, modification—all these are words that speak of change—changing from one situation, form, state,... read more »

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Road to Failed Statehood and How to Steer Clear of That Perilous Route

Failed state—Lately, this has been a widely held view of the Republic of Haiti, whether overtly expressed or slightly sugar-coated... read more »

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Let’s stop ‘Paving Paradise’ at the expense of Heritage Assets

If history, heritage and culture are food for the nourishment of the intellect and definition of identity, I would say... read more »

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Who Is Moving Our Conch?

Change is both the generous benefactor and the implacable tyrant of the 21st century, enthroned by the technological revolution that... read more »

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A Cry for Reciprocity

Reading the newspapers and listening to the occasional radio talk show in the weeks since 2019 boldly emerged from the... read more »

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Transforming The Bahamas: It’s Time for a New Narrative

The New Year tends to bring optimism. There is a sense that this turn of the calendar can wipe the... read more »

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Let 2019 open a door to greater light

Let’s face it—2018 has made some of the strongest minded among us tremble internally or as Bahamians say “take with... read more »

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Change: A Dirty Word in The Bahamas

One of the dirtiest cuss words to Bahamian ears is change. For as long as I can remember, speaking the... read more »

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Time to Flex Brains Instead of Muscles

I have created a new collective noun for the dictionaries—a conspiracy of Bahamian unions. Just when I thought I could... read more »

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Let’s Audit 2018 Accounts for a More Profitable 2019

The Thanksgiving turkey and ham have been consumed and December is just days away. For most people, December 1 will... read more »


Countdown to Independence Day

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Thanksgiving—Make It Really Special This Year

“Harvest”—That’s what this season used to be called in The Bahamas. Now, it’s “Thanksgiving”, which we have borrowed from the... read more »

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Let there be light: Remove the covers from traditional areas of darkness

“Lord, lighten our darkness” is the prayer of many a householder and business owner in New Providence these days. We... read more »

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Money—The Importance, the Pleasure, the Pain

How important is money? Try this. Walk into that high-end store and grab the watch you have been salivating over... read more »

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Morning Check—Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

“All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.” This famous, but often misquoted line, was spoken by the actor... read more »