Change: A Dirty Word in The Bahamas

One of the dirtiest cuss words to Bahamian ears is change. For as long as I can remember, speaking the word within earshot of Bahamians and you will would get the scalded cat reaction—loud shrieking and a lightning fast dash to escape. Recently, though, my people have accepted two new notions with alacrity— protest and […]

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Time to Flex Brains Instead of Muscles

I have created a new collective noun for the dictionaries—a conspiracy of Bahamian unions. Just when I thought I could rest my pen for a moment, I learned that an alphabet soup of labour unions—the BNU, CPSA, BDU, BUT, UTEB, BIMAWU, BCPOU, BCPMU, BHCAWU—have donned boxing gloves, threatening to go the full rounds in the ring with […]

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Let there be light: Remove the covers from traditional areas of darkness

“Lord, lighten our darkness” is the prayer of many a householder and business owner in New Providence these days. We have to worry about many things electrical. We fret about coming home after work, flicking that all-important light switch and hearing what sounds suspiciously like a snigger of contempt coming back at us, when we […]

Cutting down trees to create a forest

In the past few weeks, the headlines of the major Bahamian newspapers have been dominated by evidence of a chronically disgruntled populace and an increasingly dysfunctional economy and society. Consider the following: “Why So Little Aid And Why So Late?: Year From Irma, Islanders Insist Govt Does More” “Wilchcombe: Gaming operators being victimized” “Komolafe: Affordable […]

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