Ava Turnquest

Ava Turnquest,
Digital Head

Ava Turnquest is the head of the Digital Department at Eyewitness News. Her most notable beat coverage spans but is not limited to politics, immigration and human rights, with a focus especially on minority groups. She got her start as a print journalist when she was recruited to work full-time at The Tribune while still a sophomore in college. Notwithstanding the grueling demands of the news desk, she eventually graduated with a BA in Media Journalism from the College of The Bahamas. Ava continued to work at the Tribune for a total of 10 years, and garnered the title of chief reporter at the midway point of her time at the organization. While print journalism will always hold a special place in her heart, she made the leap into digital journalism, landing the senior role of head of digital at the newly-formed Eyewitness News in 2018. As a self-proclaimed literary alchemist, she uses her prowess as a journalist to lend to a more equitable, egalitarian society; she strongly believes that empathy can solve all of the world’s problems. In 2018, she was nominated by the Bahamas Press Club for “The Eric Wilmott Award for Investigative Journalism”. Ava is deeply motivated by her passion about the role of the media, known as the fourth estate, and uses her pen to inform, educate and sensitize the communities that they serve.

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