Ardastra Gardens wants your old Christmas tree!

Ardastra Gardens wants your old Christmas tree!

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Yes, the holidays are over, the decorations and lights must come down, but think twice before throwing out that old Christmas tree as Ardastra Gardens and Zoo wants to recycle it for some of its animals.

For the second year, the zoo has launched its recycling of Christmas trees initiative, which has tremendously taken off with the collection of at least four daily.

The initiative was started to provide animals at the zoo with a different scent, taste and feel during the holidays.

Shawn Saunders, an Ardastra Gardens Zoo Keeper said because the pine is so strong, some of the animals take a liking to its scent, but all animals, he said, react differently to the pine.

He said that while the zoo tries to give all animals an experience with the pine, it does little for animals like snakes and crocodiles.

“While some may eat it, other animals take in the scent or use the tree to help with their coating,” Saunders explained.

“The pigs immediately began to chew at the pine tree once placed in their cage, while the racoons began to scale the tree and take in the scent.”

Saunders is encouraging Bahamians to support the resourcefulness of this Christmas tree initiative.

He said trees with glitter, streamers or ornaments are harmful to the animals and should be removed before they are brought to the Zoo.