Abaco MP calls for inquiry into handling of Hurricane Dorian deaths

Abaco MP calls for inquiry into handling of Hurricane Dorian deaths
Central and South Abaco MP James Albury.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Central and South Abaco MP James Albury has requested a formal inquiry into the process that led to the burial of 55 unidentified Hurricane Dorian victims on Friday after nearly nine months.

In a letter to Prime Minister Dr Hubert Minnis, Albury said an inquiry was critical not only to bring closure for Abaconians but to guide the handling of any future mass-casualty event.

“I write to you today on behalf of the people of Central and South Abaco, most of which have had the inconceivable experience of living through a Category 5 Hurricane and forever losing friends and/or family and more to this nationally unprecedented disaster,” Albury wrote.

“Though some in Abaco feel a sense of relief and closure that the victims’ bodies have now been laid to rest, as we approach another hurricane season, there are many who still remain unsure of the location and fate of their loved ones.”

The letter read: “Sir, I would be remiss if I did not request that a formal inquiry into this 8-9 month process and the timeliness of this procedure be looked into by the appropriate agencies.

“I feel a review of this is not only imperative for the families of Abaco, but also for the proper handling of any future mass casualty events — God forbid.”

The letter was dated May 23, and posted on Albury’s Twitter account today.

On Friday, the remains of 55 victims were buried in the Central Pines Public Cemetery in numbered sealed coffins amid staunch protest over how the government has managed the process.

Albury said he was only requesting clarity, noting his letter did not reflect poorly on the efforts of the Disaster Reconstruction Authority, who coordinated the burials along with the Bahamas Christian Council, and Abaco Christian Council.

He added he was appreciative of the DRA’s ongoing efforts.

The letter read: “I believe your assistance with this may help to bring answers and further closure to the people of Abaco.”


As a MP for Abaco or any area you should have hands on the situation in order to update and inform your cummunity of the ongoing problem how is it that your letter is just going out to the PM were you not invited to know what was going on how were you left out of the loop and now you want an formal inquiry for the people
This is sad that the people have to raise hell for you to stand up on there behalf

After nine months families and friends had enough time to come forth to identify their loved ones since hurricane Dorian. I felt that government took too long to act.
Another hurricane season is upon us…you figure it out.
Congratulation PM Minnis for what you have done. Some people are too ungrateful.

And should also ask why the family at funeral were made to stand way out in the road in the sun while clergy and govt officials were under the tents.

Thanks James Albury, you finally arrived on the scene, where were you since Sept. 1st 2019 when your people need a voice from you whom they sent to parliament. Your voicelessness is a clear indication why you are not fit for reelection.

They are playing politics with the dead only god knows what kind of hardon they have for power. Like one say the garbage tin down an the doy barking vote plp

Why has the MP finally found his voice? What were his recomendations in the situation as a MP?

I said the exact same thing. How can you be the MP and don’t know what’s going in your own constituency?

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