A R.A.D. to host mixtape release party



Jordan Isaacs, also known as Konq242.

Jordan Isaacs – also known as Konq242 – brings a mix of Rap and Dubstep to The Bahamian music scene.

Since Highschool at Queen College, Isaacs showed an interest in the music industry.

Before returning back to The Bahamas to pursue his artistic “hobby” he calls it, for now, Isaacs obtained his Bachelors of Science and Masters in Medical Physics at University of West Indies’ Jamaica campus.

Isaacs shared with Eyewitness News Tuesday his road to releasing his first mixtape which he recorded at Duncuntown Studios.

Tonight, Konq242 will debut his 14 track MixTape during a listening party and video release along with other new Bahamian rappers.

The event starts at The Crew Pub Downtown at 7:00 p.m.