A first look at Fusion Superplex


Bahamians will soon get to enjoy a state-of-the-art, mega entertainment center that will house not just an IMAX theatre, but an IMAX laser, 4DX, and XS3, along with a myriad of entertainment options and dining, all housed in a 100,000-square-foot facility.  Members of the media who were treated to a private tour of Fusion Superplex were quite impressed by what they experienced.

“This is not just a movie, but a premier family entertainment center,” Tecoyo Bridgewater, Director and Legal Counsel said during the tour.

The Superplex’s current staff complement is over 80 percent Bahamian,  and according to Department of Labour and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carlos Foulkes, the complex will be fully owned and operated by Bahamians by the time it opens, with 400 Bahamians on the payroll.

“We are majority Bahamian owned and 100 percent Bahamian managed,” Foulkes said.

The Fusion team consists of Foulkes; Bridgewater; Demarco Gibson, Chief of Security, Facilities, and Maintenance; and Dominic Richards, Chief Operating Officer (COO). Once the Fusion team gained the approval from IMAX to be a franchise owner, the four entrepreneurs went full force in developing their idea.  The construction costs alone ran the team into 50 million dollars.

“We have not gotten any assistance from the local market; we had to go into private financing,” said Foulkes.

In addition to creating jobs for Bahamians, The Superplex will also offer an educational feature called Project in Power, to which local schools will be invited.

“The project in power I believe is very important not only to the schools but also to the parents and the family members,” said Bridgewater.   “What we are doing right now is a program where teachers can bring the students from the schools here from 10 a.m. to be educated through the IMAX educational program.

“IMAX has hundreds of educational material that can be garnered in line with the school’s curriculum to be educated and entertained, ‘edu-tained’ through this groundbreaking program,” Bridgewater explained.

Fusion Superplex will also offer a mobile app on which patrons will be able to reserve their tickets.

The facility will feature seventeen eateries, dining and lifestyle brands, nine cinemas; two restaurants; a Supervised Kids Zone; two-level arcade; Fusion Events, and Power Empowerment (Education).