250K Bahamas pavilion visitors and counting

250K Bahamas pavilion visitors and counting
Visitors crowd the Bahamas pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — From the official opening on October 1 through to November 10, the Bahamas pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai has hosted a quarter of a million excited visitors, all eager to learn more about The Bahamas.

Visitors are pouring into the Bahamas pavilion at Expo2020 Dubai to experience the beauty, history, culture and, yes, the eco-challenges of our small island nation. This number rivals the statistics of tourists currently arriving in The Bahamas on vacation.

They have been an eclectic group — families who wonder at the incredible blues of our ocean; world travelers who have vowed that The Bahamas will be the next stop in their calendar; and school parties who are learning about us, many for the first time.

A frequent question: “Is The Bahamas in Africa? The United States?” Visitors will take their new knowledge back to their families and schools and they will be the future of our tourism in the years ahead.

A major thrust for the pavilion is business development. Hundreds of businesspeople have left their cards, expressing interest in doing business in The Bahamas. The B2B team at the pavilion is following them up and creating opportunities for investment and partnerships.

The Embassy for Business on the second floor is set up to arrange meetings for Bahamas entrepreneurs and corporations to discuss and investigate future possibilities.

With another four months still to go to the closing of Expo2020 on March 31 and our National Day — January 17, 2022 — still ahead, which will ensure the focus of the entire world on The Bahamas, those almost quarter-of-a-million numbers will definitely be eclipsed.